“I had the fortunate opportunity to be initiated into the raw food lifestyle by Ben and Sayuri. Ben became one of my top favorite teachers of all time. I say this because he is extremely knowledgeable in everything raw yet humble to keep expanding his own education through his students. Extremely approachable, friendly, and effective teaching techniques. I was a bit apprehensive as to who I was investing my time and money, let alone flying around the world to learn from. Luckily at the onset of meeting Ben an Sayuri, I was instantly excited to learn from them. Learning hands on in Sayuri Tanaka’s kitchen was so inspiring. She is a special and lovely person who is both approachable and has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. Her journey with food is so extensive I felt rock solid I was learning from a master in any advice or technique she share with me. I wish Ben and Sayuri all the best in their new raw chef training and retreat venture. They are the real deal, they walk the talk and are not just teachers but true friends to their community, students and this incredible planet. Go seeds of Life!!”

Innessa Bauer, London Ukhttp://greengatelondon.com/