“My month with Ben and Sayuri can be described as nothing short of amazing”. “Sayuri’s gentle soul, love and passion for food comes across in every dish. It was a privilege to learn from the best. Working with Sayuri has changed my way of looking at a meal, from the individual ingredients, food combining and menu planning, I have a more holistic and adventurous approach to my food preparation. Ben is a wealth of knowledge and teaches with such purity and passion. Ben’s classes made me challenge what I thought I knew and I now find I have a different understanding of health and the connection between food, the body, mind and universe. I was also someone who had suffered from asthma most my life and, I now for the first time in 20 years on I am on absolutely no asthma medication….I don’t know if it was the healing environment, raw food or the Holographic kinetics session with Ben but it is almost 3 months of no medication and counting! I am super excited about my future in this area and I can’t thank Sayuri and Ben enough for giving me the foundation and confidence I need to take it further”

Jane, Australia/India