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About us and what we do

Welcome to the Seeds of Life, where the focus is to reawaken our true-self through creating the ultimate lifestyle. Activate your fullest potential via the very act of understanding what it means to truly live.

We combine the elements of fun, flavor, vibrancy and integrity through Raw Living Foods, Yoga and Holographic Kinetics, an omnipotent healing modality that exceeds all levels of what a holistic approach to understanding this game of life is all about and what it means to be truly free.

We offer our service to you by combining over 40 years experience between us in the healing arts and food world, working in many different capacities providing Raw Chef Certification Programs, Retreat Chefs for your event and various Workshops. Our strengths have been built on the foundations of Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings, Raw Chef Certifications, High End and Exclusive Functions, Small Intimate Dining Experiences, Workshops, Menu Consulting and Staff Training for many of the World’s great Leaders and Teachers in their respective fields and working with the innovative people operating ‘behind the scenes’ whom are facilitating great change.

Raw Food has quickly become the latest buzz word. Why? What is it about our collective consciousness that has given rise to this movement right now? Well it seems some of us are not Thriving, or simply, many of us are looking for the edge in life to be the grand creators of our greatest dreams. As we look into the many ways of reaching our fullest potential, it makes sense that before we make huge investments and changes to our lives, we take a closer look at improving the things we are already doing Every Day. I know I eat every day, and if you do too then maybe it’s time for us to embrace the advancements in technology and look closer into what is means to ‘EAT’.

Just typing in ‘Raw Food’ on Google, opens up for us a plethora of information and an abundance of peoples explanations and experiences on the definition of Raw Foods. Quite simply tho, Living Bodies need Living Foods to Thrive. Do you want to THRIVE! We did, but we didn’t want to be sentenced to a life of lettuce, carrot sticks and hummus. So we educated ourselves and did some training, (which we are passionate about sharing with you), and the world has never looked the same since, and for the better!


Now there’s some level headed questions in there people should ask themselves in order to approach this (and it is a) lifestyle, successfully. And it is on the shoulders of these questions we base our teachings, retreats, workshops, menu building and consulting, networking and our own lives. Becoming more aware of our food choices and saying no to substances that (as you will later learn) are poisoning our noble bodies and saying yes to foods that nourish us, completes the chain of understanding that we have through our free will, full control of our created reality and the outcomes. Only we are responsible.

We invite you to join us on our Raw Chef Certification Trainings, Retreats And Workshops as we eat our way to ridiculously good health and well being where you will discover what it means to be self empowered, self aware, free from old patterns and potentially harmful illnesses and simply glowing, light and clear via the everyday act of eating, and maybe some yoga and Holographic Kinetics in there also…

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