Sage Dammers Tonic Alchemist, Health Consultant, Product Developer

“Ben and Sayuri are two incredible high-energy vibrant individuals and the team they form together is one of a kind.”

Ben makes the intangible tangible, making abstract nutrition, health, and spiritual concepts surprisingly easy to understand. He brings together an immense background of knowledge and experience in the fields of raw food nutrition, Taoist tonic herbalism, and Holographic Kinetics. His greatest strength, however, is his innate ability to understand every individual he comes into contact with on a deep level, allowing him to help each person in the way that is best suited to his or her entire life situation. I can say firsthand that his culinary creations are creative and delicious, he is a powerful and effective educator, and his Holographic Kinetics healing is the most deeply powerful modality I have experienced in my life.

Sayuri will light up a table full of people and warm their hearts with her smile alone, but once she serves you a meal of her extraordinary raw food delicacies, you will know the true meaning of soul food- food that nourishes, enlightens, enlivens, and empowers the soul itself. Having experienced gourmet raw food created by the greatest raw food chefs around the world, I can honestly say that no other chef’s creations come close to those of Sayuri in terms of creativity, presentation, deliciousness, and pure love content.

If you have the opportunity to experience a retreat, workshop, or training with this spectacular team, go for it! It will leave you satisfied, impressed, enlightened, and inspired!”

Sage Dammers Tonic Alchemist, Health Consultant, Product Developer –

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