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Testimonials from our graduates, colleges, retreat friends and family

Sage Dammers Tonic Alchemist, Health Consultant, Product Developer

“Ben and Sayuri are two incredible high-energy vibrant individuals and the team they form together is one of a kind.” Ben makes the intangible tangible, making abstract nutrition, health, and spiritual concepts surprisingly easy to [...]

Innessa Bauer, London Uk

“I had the fortunate opportunity to be initiated into the raw food lifestyle by Ben and Sayuri. Ben became one of my top favorite teachers of all time. I say this because he is extremely [...]

Jane, Australia/India

“My month with Ben and Sayuri can be described as nothing short of amazing”. “Sayuri’s gentle soul, love and passion for food comes across in every dish. It was a privilege to learn from the [...]

Cédric Charles, France

“This month I’ve spent with Ben & Sayuri has been the peak of my year. Those two wonderful souls know clearly from experience what they are sharing and teaching. They embody Health, Happiness, Joy, Vitality, [...]

Master Tevia Feng

“Ben has a mountain of knowledge to share that could be life changing for many. His passion for what he teaches is so highly contagious he gets me excited about whatever he is teaching. He [...]

Holographic Kinetics with Ben

“I didn’t actively seek out a healing session with Ben, but when a friend introduced us and in conversation he started explaining and then going into detail about it, I had to give it a [...]

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