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Welcome to the Seeds of Life Raw Food Cafe & Tonic Bar

We’ve got a bit going on here so allow us to give you the tour. We have a Raw Food Academy here in Ubud, where we teach people the art of creating Vibrant Living Foods & ways to extract the most nectar out of life. We have been doing Raw Food & Yoga retreats here for many years & this feels like the next step for us, to compliment the many great restaurants and events in Ubud showcasing where the Living Food movement is at.

171x300xnew-bio-foto2-21-171x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.mRx50ScIFOMy name is Ben Richards, Ultimate Nutrition, Holographic Kinetics facilitator, Raw Food Chef, Teacher and Consultant with a strong focus on nutrition, superfoods and tonic herbalism. Author of ‘Intuitive Flow’ massage technique and Life Coach/Seed Planter.

For 20+ years I have travelled, studied and practiced various different modalities from Swedish massage, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Structural Integrity, Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, Acupressure & courses in Acupuncture, Crystal & aromatherapies, Shamanism and energy work outside the field of traditional therapies. This spawned a massage technique I called ‘Intuitive Flow’ which had a profound effect on me as through this I was understanding the story of a person’s life and ultimately, how our thoughts create our realities. Many of these systems only treat the effects, applying a ‘band-aid’ over the issue. This drove me deeper. For the last 11 years I have been an active facilitator of Holographic Kinetics, the most effective modality in healing our spirit of its traumas I have found. It addresses and clears the causes of imbalances arising from our past lives, from the morphogenetic field (genetic hereditary line), or from inter-dimensional interference.

Hospitality has been the financial driver for my studies & after 25+ years working within the industry from both dodgy & award winning kitchen teams to cocktail bars, managing high end restaurants & food and beverage outlets in 5 star hotels. I have developed a passion & a keen eye for excellence, quality & a joy for the service industry. I simply coming alive when I am in service & happily offer my passion & skills for you here in Bali & around the world at different events.

“Join Us to Make your OWN Raw Food”

Watch for an interview with David Wolfe & see what Sayuri and I’ve been doing with the Radiantly Alive team in Bali in 2011/2012

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