We present our Loloh Tonic Bar. For over 5000 years, the Chinese master herbalists have meticulously documented and studied nature and her inhabitants from the perspective of gaining superior health and longevity in a way that harmonizes the yin and the yang principals. We source and combine wild and organic tonic herbs directly from China from families who understand that the efficacy of the decoctions is only as good as the quality of the herbs. We have not held back in sourcing the best and freshest available. Freshly picked 10 year old Ginseng, wild shizandra berries, organic goji berries and locally grown reishi mushrooms, for example.

This is all is available in our Loloh Tonic Bar as decoctions, our own specially formulated dual extract tinctures, tonic creamers, chocolates, deserts, salad dressing, miso soup and our take away drinks fridge. In addition to our decoctions, we have sourced the latest technology in micronisation. This technique means of extracting the most beneficial constituents from the herbs making them far more effective and bio-available. They enter the body’s energy system via a different pathway to the decoctions. Our formulas have been carefully crafted upon an ancient & trusted system. We have not and will not carelessly combine plant technology without careful examination or planning.

Taoist Tonic Bar

Who doesn’t want to live their life to the fullest, healthiest, happiest, and to be successful?

In China, these attributes are called Radiant health. One of the key to building radiant health is the Taoist tonic herbal system, particularly the Superior Class of herbs which we mainly use here at SOL. This system is the most fully developed system in the world and is available to us right here, NOW. Have you ever heard anyone say they don’t want physical vitality, the glow, sexual vigor and response, adaptability, clear intuition, slow aging, happiness and a harmonious relationship with nature and our fellow humans? It’s what you put in that counts. What are you putting in your body today to make you more?

Cocktails & Elixirs

For peak performance, immortality and fun. We combine herbal extract powders from Chinese and Ayuverdic Tonic herbal system

Tonic Creamers

Our creamers are warmed and made from the latest technology of micronisation. Extracting the valuable nutrients to a maximum bio-available form

Balinese Ayuverdic Jamu

We use all organic and grown locally herbs in Bali. These herbs by Nadis herbal are incredibly intelligent formulation for your superior health

Tonic Decoctions

A decoction is an extraction of phytonutrirnts from plants by boiling in water. It is a means to sequester their water soluable constituents

Wild & Ancient Artisan Chinese Tea

Wild Tea Qi, a company specializing in sourcing Ancient wild Artisan teas from family & sustainable farming in Yunnan & other provinces throughout the premium growing regions of China, provide us with award winning Puer, Oolong, Black, White & Green Teas.

We are very proud to present these special teas with such a great story of integrity for the lineage & craftsmanship. Some of the growers have had these farms in their families for over 2000 years & some of our teas we will be providing on our menu are from trees that are over 800 years old. The saying goes “the longer a tree has its roots in the ground for, the more Qi it absorbs into the leaves”. Many of our teas are picked under the full moon to ensure full vitality & Qi is absorbed into the new leaves then hand processed with careful thought not to ‘contaminate’ with any negative energy from people or machinery.

All of our teas are expertly and only handpicked and processed. We never buy mass produced machine cut teas. All of our teas are made by hand with care and tea making traditions often times passed down for generations.

    We believe in supporting the small tea artisans and not encouraging large corporate take overs of tea farms. We buy direct from the local tea farmers and or tea farmer collectives. This ensures a fairly traded tea and supports the local farmers livelihood. We believe in creating a long-term, personal relationship with the farmers and tea pickers. With your purchase of Wild Tea Qi teas you help preserve the true tea artisans and the valuable traditions.
    We only buy our teas from a single origin, from the same farm and the same year. Many other tea brands mix teas from different mountains, and different farms in order to save on costs. We never mix teas from different farms or plantations which ensures an honest, quality tea.
    Supporting sustainable, organic tea farms and plantations is a cornerstone of Wild Tea Qi’s mission. We never buy tea from mono-culture, mass produced tea farms.We visit each tea farm and plantation to ensure sustainability and harmony with the environment.